Two people helping a third person adjust a harness on a treadmill
  • Allows for body weight supported treadmill training
  • Ideal for people with spinal cord impairments and people with neurological insolar damage
  • Located in the McKecknie Lab, 1006 Khan Annex

Contact Jake Sosnoff for availability and scheduling.


Instrumented Treadmill

man using rollerblades on a treadmill
  • Uniquely designed treadmill for those who use mobility devices
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Vicon Motion Analysis System which allows for a comprehensive method to monitor human movement
  • Can be used for gait and walking
  • Located in 303 Freer Hall

Contact Ian Rice for availability and scheduling.


3-sided booth with simplified landscape, and foot-pedals on the floor

  • Ideal for testing people that are at fall risk or those with balance impairments
  • Potential for using the Equitest for training purposes
  • Located in 10 Freer Hall

Testing equipment that measures:

  • Unilateral Stance
  • Limits of Stability
  • Motor Control
  • Sensory Organization
  • Adaptation
  • Rhythmic weight shift
  • Weight bearing/squat

Contact Manuel Hernandez for availability and scheduling.