The Center on Health, Aging, and Disability is housed in the Khan Annex in the north addition of Huff Hall. The Center is a modern facility that will serve as a nucleus of interdisciplinary research for leading scholars from campus, the nation, and the world.

Center members have access to state-of-the-art facilities including:

  • Lab and Office Space
  • Conference Facilities
  • Project Development Center (Collaboratory)

The Center on Health, Aging, and Disability offers the use of a Videoconference Room to its members and to members of the Health and Wellness Research Initiative (HWRI).

  • See a brochure (PDF) about the Media:Scape equipment in the Collaboratory.
  • Faculty may use the Facilities Description document for Research Grant Applications.

  • You can request the use of any of the spaces below by completing the Room Reservation Form. *Note: You will need to provide an account number in this format: 1-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX. Be sure to read the GUIDELINES regarding room use and fees.

Conference and Workshop Facilities

CHAD Main Conference RoomCHAD Main Conference Room is located in the CHAD suite, Room 1008A of the Khan Annex in Huff Hall. It will seat 14 people and offers audio conferencing and video projection facilities.


CHAD Videoconference RoomCHAD Videoconference Room is located in room 3015 of the Khan Annex in Huff Hall. The facility will seat 14 people. This is a complete video teleconferencing facility.


CHAD Videoconference RoomThe “Collaboration” Room is located in room 3019 of the Khan Annex in Huff Hall and will seat 20 people. This is a specially designed room for project development. The facility contains a smart projection system, a large white board, and an interactive computer projections system provided by Media:scape. Media:scape is an integrated furniture and media solution. It is designed to help people connect and collaborate, quickly and seamlessly.
See more about Media:scape (PDF)


scape tableMedia:scape table (PDF) containing an interactive computer projection system


Faculty Collaboration Seating Faculty Collaboration Seating provides a comfortable area where researchers can share ideas