Barry Ackerson

Social Work

Mental health services: parents with severe and persistent mental illness, assertive community treatment (ACT), harm reduction and integrated treatment for mental illness and substance abuse (MISA), effects of organizational climate on mental health service outcomes

Ilesanmi Adesida


Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost

Reginald Alston

Kinesiology and Community Health

Impact of race/ethnicity on the provision and outcome of rehabilitation services, particularly for African Americans with chronic illness and disability

Ruopeng An

Kinesiology and Community Health

Intersection between aging, disability, and health behavior

Flavia Andrade

Kinesiology and Community Health

Research focus on how demographic, epidemiological and nutritional changes influence the health and well being in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and among Latinos in the US

Justin Aronoff

Speech and Hearing Science

Examines how information is combined across the ears and how to divide information between two ears for optimal cochlear implant performance


Aron K. Barbey

Speech and Hearing Science

Cognitive neuroscience of human thought, reasoning and decision making; executive dysfunction in cognitive aging and traumatic brain injury; effects of cognitive, fitness and nutritional interventions on executive function and brain health

Lynn Barnett-Morris

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Analysis of play and its relation to development; investigation of play spaces and objects as facilitative of play; theory and description of play across the life span; research design and statistical analysis

Betsy Basch

Disability Resources and Educational Services

Delivering and developing culturally competent, culturally aware and inclusive social emotional environments, training, therapeutic interventions and assessment and has presented on topics such as neuroflexibility, culture and mental illness, cultural components of community health and inclusive culturally competent programming and measurement

Liza Berdychevsky

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Matters of gender, sexual behavior, risk-taking, identity, and well-being in recreation and tourism contexts

Marni Boppart

Kinesiology and Community Health

Molecular and cellular adaptations to exercise, skeletal muscle aging, stem cells

Matthew Browning

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Cynthia Buckley


Interested in the interactions between migration and reproductive health, infectious disease, disability and population aging; focuses upon the Russian Federation, the southern Caucasus and Central Asia; Current research focuses on the effects of population change and social instability on reproductive health in the Central Asian region

Nicholas Burd

Kinesiology and Community Health

Effects of nutritional and exercise manipulations on the regulation of muscle mass and changes in body composition with aging, disease, and the athlete


Laurence Chalip

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Focus includes policies to foster the development of sport and policy uses of sport, such as the engagement of sport to enhance economic and social development

Ron D. Chambers

Speech and Hearing Science

Chung-Yi Chiu

Kinesiology and Community Health

Investigates issues related to the health and quality of life of people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, specifically individuals with multiple sclerosis or cancer survivors.

Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko

Kinesiology and Community Health

The effects of physical activity and other lifestyle interventions on health and well-being.  The development of public policy and national initiatives to promote physical activity

Susan Cole

Social Work

Research interests include factors affecting attachment relationships of infants in foster care, psychological attributes of foster caregivers, and empirical evaluation of crisis nursery services and volunteer prison reentry services for women

Kim Collins

Disability Resources and Educational Services


Mike De Lisio

Kinesiology and Community Health

Molecular mechanisms that regulate stem cells in bone marrow and muscle depending on exercise, and how exercise can increase stem cell quantity and function in the prevention or treatment of diseases

Elvira deMejia

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Molecular mechanisms of bioactive food components, mainly proteins and flavonoids, their safety and efficacy to prevent chronic diseases

Laura Segebart DeThorne

Speech and Hearing Science

Focuses on understanding the complex causal mechanisms responsible for differences in children’s communication development and everyday practices


Dorothy Espelage

Educational Psychology

Conducted research on bullying, homophobic teasing, sexual harassment, and dating violence; focuses on translating empirical findings into prevention and intervention programming; improve methods to examine adolescent social network influences on risky alcohol and drug use

Jeanette Elliott

Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services

Neuropsychiatric testing.  Assisting/Consulting for Dr. Jan’s research on rehabilitation technologies of quality of life in people with disabilities, and Dr. Sosnoff’s research on the intersection between aging and chronic disease conditions on the control of movement including postural control and gait with a recent focus on falls prevention in individuals with multiple sclerosis


Tanya M. Gallagher

Speech and Hearing Science

Syntactic and pragmatic language assessment and intervention with language disordered children at high risk for social and behavioral problems

John Georgiadis

Mechanical Science and Engineering

Syntactic and pragmatic language assessment and intervention with language disordered children at high risk for social and behavioral problems

Robyn Gobin

Kinesiology and Community Health

William Goodman

Applied Health Sciences Admin

Assistant Dean for Administration

Kim Graber

Kinesiology and Community Health

Children’s wellness, legislative policy mandates, teacher education, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and qualitative inquiry

Chris Green

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Intersection of sport and development, examines the growth and development of sport programs and systems and their relationship to the development of individuals, groups, communities, and organizations, elaborate a model that identifies factors that facilitate or inhibit the development of sport at each level, and that describes the separate, cumulative, and interactive effects of those factors within and across levels

Diana Grigsby-Toussaint

Kinesiology and Community Health

Jon Gunderson

Disability Resources and Educational Services

How to improve the design information technologies for people with disabilities to achieve maximum performance and greater independence in their use of computer based technologies.


Pamela A. Hadley

Speech and Hearing Science

Identification of specific language impairment (SLI) in early childhood; parent-implemented early grammatical interventions

Robin Hall

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Laura Hahn

Speech and Hearing Science

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Focused on the area of automatic speech recognition, with a particular focus on the mathematization of linguistic concepts.  Acoustic phonetics, Audio signal processing and speech recognition, Speech and auditory physiology

Robert Hauser

Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Dean of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences

Brad Hedrick

Julie Hengst

Speech and Hearing Science

Understand the situated and distributed nature of communicative competence in everyday interactions, focusing particularly on individuals with acquired neurogenic communication disorders (e.g., aphasia) and their routine communication partners;  investigated the ways interactional discourse resources contribute to patterns of communicative breakdown and success.

Manuel Hernandez

Kinesiology and Community Health

Behavioral and neural mechanisms underlying postural dysfunction in older adults and particularly in the development of behavioral and neural biomarkers for early detection of neurological disorders.

Charles Hillman

Kinesiology and Community Health

The relation of markers of health behaviors (i.e., fitness, physical activity, obesity, nutrition) on cognitive and brain health among children

Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler

Mechanical Science and Engineering

The relation of markers of health behaviors (i.e., fitness, physical activity, obesity, nutrition) on cognitive and brain health among children

Joy Huang

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Strategic brand management in and impacts of globalization on the tourism and hospitality industry; rural tourism.

Carla Desi-Ann Hunter


Address disparities in mental health among ethnic minorities living in the United States through model development and culturally competent interventions. Focuses on understanding racial attitudes and cultural factors that positively effect well being and facilitates therapeutic interventions

Fatima Husain

Speech and Hearing Science

Auditory, speech, and language processing in the brain; the study of disorders such as tinnitus typically associated with hearing loss


Julie Iwelunmor

Kinesiology and Community Health

Social, cultural, behavioral, and policy factors that influence the health of individuals, families, and communities across the lifespan


Yih-Kuen Jan

Kinesiology and Community Health

Developing rehabilitation technologies for the improvement of quality of life in people with disabilities. His current research includes soft tissue-assistive device interface for preventing soft tissue injury in wheelchair users and people with lower limb amputations, wheelchair usage monitoring and community participation, and adaptive sports and secondary health conditions and quality of life

Aaron Johnson

Speech and Hearing Science

How advanced age, vocal training, and voice use/disuse impact laryngeal neuromuscular mechanisms, vocal function, and quality of life. We use a translational research approach, incorporating both behavioral animal models and human-based interventions

Cynthia J. Johnson

Speech and Hearing Science

Syntactic, narrative, and phonological development in children with and without speech or language disorders; the relationship between language competency and early writing abilities, and between speech perception and reading disabilities

Rodney Johnson

Animal Sciences

Neuroinflammation and its effects on brain and cognitive development and aging with a special focus is on how nutrition and diet influence the communication between the immune system and brain


Mary Kalantzis


Dean of the College of Education; multimodality and diversity in contemporary communications; conceptualize the nature of communication and learning in the digital age, focusing on the policy, practice and pedagogical design implications of new technologies in education, from early childhood to higher education

Naiman Khan

Kinesiology and Community Health

Lydia Khuri

Residential Life/ Housing

Karen Kirk

Speech and Hearing Science

NIH-funded research seeks to identify factors that impact speech perception and spoken language processing in listeners with cochlear implants. Conducts translational research to develop improved speech perception assessment materials for adults and children with hearing loss

Jozef Kokini

Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Sandra Kopels

Social Work

Wynne Korr

Social Work

Kyle Kostelecky



Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo

Kinesiology and Community Health

Christopher Larrison

Social Work

Paige Lewis

Disability Resources and Educational Services

Transition to UIUC and beyond, Enhanced mentoring program to high school students and parents. Created transition course instead of 1:1 tutoring, hoping transition education will become a priority for students

Janet Liechty

Social Work

Toni Liechty

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

The relationship between body image, embodiment, and leisure, specifically physically active leisure, across the life course.

Melissa Littlefield

Kinesiology and Community Health

Cultural and historical aspects of scientific knowledge production, particularly in neuroscience and the forensic sciences

Citali Lopez-Ortiz

Kinesiology and Community Health

How the human brain generates dexterity in motor coordination using the language of dance movement to inform the design of dance/movement training protocols in health, disease, and disability through the life-span.

Torrey M. J. Loucks

Speech and Hearing Science


Edward McAuley

Kinesiology and Community Health

Physical activity and well being across the lifespan; the relationships among physical activity, social cognitive factors, cognitive function, disability, and quality of life; physical activity, breast cancer, and cognition.

Pat Malik

Disability Resources and Educational Services

Impact of environmental (both physical and  social) inclusion and level of independence of people with disabilities, factors influencing the developmental process of college students with severe disabilities as they transition to post-secondary educational environments, and short and long term physical and psycho-social outcomes for individuals with disabilities involved in adaptive sports.

Brent McBride

Department of Human & Community Development

Examining the antecedents of father involvement in families of children with disabilities, as well as the impact of such involvement on child and family outcomes.  Exploring the role of child care providers in preventing obesity and inappropriate weight gain during the early childhood years, with an emphasis on feeding practices in child care settings

Deana C. McDonagh

Industrial Design

Cary McDonald

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Application of social and behavioral science principles for understanding behavior in natural environments.

Sara McLafferty

Geography and Geographic Information Science

Paul McNamara

Nutritional Sciences

Ruby Mendenhall

Sociology and African American Studies

Examines how low- and moderate-income families use their EITC for social and economic mobility. Currently studying how Chicago neighborhoods with high levels of violence affect low-income African American mothers' mental health and the cultural resources that protect them against depression (resiliency).

Marie Moore Channell

Speech and Hearing Science

Dan Morrow

Educational Psychology

Focuses on cognition, communication, and other aspects of human performance in complex task domains such as health care and aviation, with a focus on aging and performance.

Robert Motl

Kinesiology and Community Health

Examination of physical activity and its predictors and consequences in persons with neurological conditions, particularly multiple sclerosis. The predictors are based on social cognitive variables, and the consequences include neuronal structure and function, mobility, cognition, symptoms, quality of life, and disability.

Raksha Anand Mudar

Speech and Hearing Science

The effects of normal cognitive aging and neurodegenerative disorders on higher order semantic functions

Sean Mullen

Kinesiology and Community Health

Exercise self-regulation across the life-span; technology-driven interventions for enhancing exercise adherence & cognitive functioning; and adjuvant therapies combined with exercise to improve exercise and cognitive outcomes.


Helen Neville

Educational Psychology

Focuses on understanding the ways in which people conceptualize race and racism and the educational strategies involved in reducing racial intolerance and promoting cultural competencies among students and mental health professionals.  Centers on the ways in which Black people develop positive and affirming identities.


Laura Payne

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Examines the effects of leisure behavior on aspects health and well-being (e.g., psychosocial, physiological) among older adults. Specifically, she examines the role of leisure in coping with chronic disease and how leisure can improve the health and quality of life for people with chronic disease.

Steven Petruzzello

Kinesiology and Community Health

Examination of physical activity (e.g., walking, cycling, running, resistance training, running, firefighting), on psychological outcomes (e.g., basic affect, fatigue/energy, anxiety, depression, cognitive function); aims for an understanding of the psychophysiological effects that such exercise/physical activity has on the individual; develop a better understanding of how exercise makes people feel in order to enhance enjoyment of, and adherence to, such activity.

Lara Pilutti

Kinesiology and Community Health

Interested in the role of exercise in the management and treatment of conditions that involve neurological and mobility impairment. Adaptive Exercise Interventions for Persons with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

F. Adele Proctor

Speech and Hearing Science

Clinical sociolinguistics; child language development and disorders; traumatic brain injury in pediatric populations.


Nunu Ribeiro

Recreation, Sports and Tourism

Research deals primarily with risky youth behaviors (alcohol consumption, drug consumption, risky sexual practices) in hedonistic tourism settings, with parallel interests in First Nations/Native American youth health.

Ian Rice

Kinesiology and Community Health

The study of interventional and adaptive technologies to promote injury prevention, physical activity, and full life participation in persons with mobility limitations; combining motor learning theory, motor control, and ergonomic principles to optimize the match between person and mobility device; influence of wheelchair configuration and technique training on propulsion biomechanics to minimize the development of upper limb pain and injury across a life span.

Laura Rice

Kinesiology and Community Health

The prevention of secondary impairments for people with disabilities, especially those who use wheelchairs.

Matthew Rispoli

Speech and Hearing Science

How children acquire language; the development of grammar and sentence production.

Karin Rosenblatt

Kinesiology and Community Health

Cancer epidemiology with an emphasis on the etiology of gynecologic neoplasms; the relationship between brominated flame retardants and cancer and the effectiveness of cancer screening in the elderly.


Carla Almeida Santos

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Communicative practices and tourism; socio-cultural and political aspects of tourism; cultural sustainability; impact of tourism on the world's people and cultures; heritage; genealogical tourism; and, social justice and cultural understanding.

Jarrod Scheunemann

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Community Services and Education Coordinator for the Office of Recreation and Park Resources. consults, evaluates and provides staff development for administrative staff, supervisors, and practitioners in public and private recreation agencies. Conducts applied research related to planning, policy, trends and restoration.

Andiara Schwingel

Kinesiology and Community Health

The impact of cultural, national, and international factors, including transnational migration, on health, quality of life, and the process of growing older around the world; improve our understanding of important issues related to health behavior change in Latinos.

Susann Sears

Disability Resources and Educational Services

Sa Shen

Center on Health, Aging, and Disability

Director of Biostatistical Services

Kimberly J. Shinew

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Focuses on the interrelated impact of race, ethnicity, social class, and gender on leisure preferences/behaviors; the impact of constraints, discrimination, and other factors on access to recreation and leisure services and activities; the roles of leisure spaces/activities in facilitating interaction among diverse groups, and the roles of leisure in encouraging physical activity and active living.

Jacob Sosnoff

Kinesiology and Community Health

Focuses on the intersection between aging and chronic disease conditions on the control of movement including postural control and gait with a recent focus on falls prevention in individuals with multiple sclerosis.

William Stewart

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Facilitates the development of parks and other environmental settings to improve quality of life and community well being. Fostering a sense of place and protecting public heritage is a primary goal of his work which has been applied in various communities, national parks, US Forest Service areas, and municipal park districts.

Monika Stodolska

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

The effects of race and ethnicity on leisure behavior of recent immigrants; cultural change and adaption among minority groups; ethnic and racial discrimination in leisure settings.

David Strauser

Kinesiology and Community Health

Work personality and self-efficacy as it relates to the development of effective work-related behaviors in individuals with chronic health conditions such as cancer.

Synthia Sydnor

Kinesiology and Community Health

Cultural-historical analysis of play, ritual, sport; reconsideration of the nature/origins of sport; cultural criticism of modern physical culture/kinesiology/health studies.


Karen Tabb

School of Social Work

Translational research projects that emphasize social epidemiology and behavioral factors related to health across the life course. Past research experiences center on racial and ethnic health disparities.

Scott Tainsky

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

To recognize the unique aspects of sports and the sport industry and to understand their disparate effects on sport organization and sport fan typologies, specifically to increase the total utility created by major sports leagues.

Jonathan Thomas-Stagg

Disability Resources and Educational Services

Linda Trinh

Kinesiology and Community Health


Carena van Riper

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Focuses on the psychological mechanisms (e.g., values, norms, human-place bonding) that underlie behaviors leading to impacts on protected areas, particularly surrounding coastal and aquatic environments. The research is used to develop management interventions that can increase public involvement in decision-making and sustain the flow of benefits that nature provides to stakeholders such as outdoor recreationists.


Kenneth L. Watkin

Speech and Hearing Science

Includes high resolution 3-D multimodal brain imaging, development of imaging contrast agents for image guided therapy, and ultrasonic image analysis and tissue characterization of oro-pharyngeal cancer. His principal research area is biomedical imaging.

Jon Welty-Peachey

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

Focuses upon sport-for-development and social change, particularly examining inclusive leadership strategies, program design modalities, and program impact.

Stephanie Wheeler

Disability Resources and Educational Services

Head Coach, Woman's Basketball

Ken Wilund

Kinesiology and Community Health

The efficacy of lifestyle modifications (exercise and dietary factors) on co-morbidities associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Amy Woods

Kinesiology and Community Health

Focus primarily on understanding and enhancing teacher development and improving physical education teacher effectiveness and advancing school-based physical activity.

Jeffrey Woods

Kinesiology and Community Health

The role of exercise in the modulation of immune function and inflammation in the young and old; biological mechanisms underlying exercise and stress-induced immunomodulation.


Weimo Zhu

Kinesiology and Community Health